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Posted on: 06/09/18

Whether you want to make perfect veggie salads, summer pasta, or savory a vegetable Kitchen Slicer machine is must you have in the kitchen. This gadget helps you slicing, grating and cutting vegetables with pattern and designs. Kitchen Slicer is very safer than other conventional chopping and dangerously sharp knives. It helps you to get the vegetable slicing job done within seconds, thanks to multi-design blades. Additionally, Kitchen Slicer machine is not just for chopping vegetables you can also use it for cutting herbs.

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No more standing for hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables. With Kitchen Slicer, your work time can be reduced by almost half. The best part about Kitchen Slicer is it uniformly slices or pieces your vegetables with less wastage. It is very light weighted and durable as it is made of aluminum rather than steel. Kitchen Slicer has 3 interchangeable blades for julienne, slicing, and grating. Kitchen Slicer has three types of thickness and spiral settings that can be accessed by thumb-dial control. Having sharp edges makes quick working for even in short time, hard vegetables like a butter squash and sweet potatoes.

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Kitchen Slicer has 420 high carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blade that is strong enough to spiralize harder root veggies. Kitchen Slicer sized three thickness setting blades of 4.5mm, 1.5mm, and 6mm. It can also make crisp, consistent straight slices, French fries, crinkle cuts and julienne strips with a set of straight, wavy blades. Kitchen Slicer is high quality 100% BPA free food grade plastic to ensure long-term usage. The latest technology also provides no food clog or jam during chopping and slicing. Kitchen Slicer is very much useful just because of its easy maintenance. You only need to correctly be it and it's all to do for its maintenance.


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kitchen slicer
Whether you want to make perfect veggie salads, summerpasta, or savory a vegetable Kitchen Slicer machine is must you have ... ...



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